Pen&internet Annonce Ritemail v2.0 pour Windows et PPC

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Pen&Internet, dont nous avions testé le produit prometteur Ritemail 1.5, surcouche Mail gérant l’écriture manuscrite digitale, vient d’annoncer la version 2.0 de son logiciel vedette.

Voici les nouveautés (en anglais dans le texte):
Note capture: Enables unified note taking and processing between pen-enabled mobile devices and computers on multiple platforms.
Note transfer: Allows transfer of notes between mobile devices and from mobile device to desktop via a wireless or wireline connection.
Deferred notes processing: Permits editing of handwritten notes on a PC, including the ability to move, copy, delete, resize, and change color, width and style of any portion of your notes.
Smart printing: Enables printing of electronic ink documents on desktops with automatic and manual page-break adjustment features.
Shape recognition: Instantly perfects common shapes and full freehand charts. Intelligently adjusts, aligns, resizes, corrects gridlines, connects arrows and adjacent shapes, and fine-tunes concentric shapes.
Handwriting recognition: In riteMail for Windows, handwritten text can be recognized and copied to the clipboard for pasting into any key office applications.
Enhanced delivery: Combines image and electronic ink delivery for full compatibility with mail systems.

Le produit est disponible au prix de $21.95 pour Pocket PC et $24.95 pour Windows. Un prix d’introduction de $19.95 pour cette nouvelle version est disponible jusqu’au 31 Mars 2003.

Pen&internet Annonce Ritemail v2.0 pour Windows et PPC

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