Review de Microsoft Office 2003 Beta2 Kit

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Paul Thurrot de Supersite for Windows poste une review de Microsoft office 2003 beta 2.
Il conçoit que sur certaines applications, il n’y a à pas de modifications particulières, juste un lifting et une relfexion poussées sur l’imbrication et l’utilisation de certaines fonctions.
Néanmoins, c’est vraiment mieux pour un TabletPC !

« For Tablet PC owners, Office 2003 incorporates the features from the free Tablet PC add-on pack for Office XP, and adds compatibility with a few new Office applications. In this release, Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote are all natively Digital Ink-enabled, meaning you can use the new Tablet PC stylus interface to interact with the system with the tablet’s stylus and in your own handwriting. Support for Digital Ink in Word and Outlook is as hackneyed as ever, meaning that you must open a new Ink insertion area inside of an otherwise all-text document. In Word, you can now insert Ink annotations (Figure) in addition to reviewer’s comments and drawings and text.

The big Tablet PC news with Office 2003, of course, is OneNote, which supports handwritten note-taking (Figure). Additionally, you can create an audio recording of a meeting in OneNote as you take handwritten (or typewritten) notes, giving you some interesting functionality. For example, while listening to the audio recording of the meeting later, you can cause OneNote to navigate to the notes you took during the current point in the recording. Conversely, as you’re reading the notes from such a meeting, you can choose to hear the portion of the audio that was recorded at any point in your notes.

Je vous laisse le soin d’aller lire la review, bien évidemment en anglais

Microsoft Office 2003 Beta 2 Kit Review

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