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MySAP CRM pour Tablet PC lancé

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Vous connaissez MySAP (moi juste de nom)
Vous savez à quoi cela sert ? (moi même pas, enfin une vague idée d’usine à Gaz)

Et bien une version spécifique vient de ssortir pour TabletPC

mySAP CRM lets tablet PC users collaborate with peers, partners and customers in real-time. It has all the traditional benefits of mySAP CRM – availability checks, contract and billing management, fulfillment visibility and order tracking, for example – with the unique and useful digital pen interface created by Gounares and his Microsoft crew.”

“Having a tablet PC allows the sales professional to have the CRM data with them right in front of the customer. That adds a lot of value. On top of that, with the tablet functionality that SAP is building in, sales professionals can enter data. They can easily look things up. They can mark up images. There are all kinds of useful scenarios. For example an insurance adjuster taking a picture of a wrecked car could mark it up right inside their mySAP CRM application on a tablet PC.” (Cory Linton, Product Manager, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, Microsoft)

mySAP CRM Press Release (4 Aout 2003)
Lancement de mySAP CRM Tablet PC (Press release)

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