Franklin Covey Tabletplanner 3.0 le 17 novembre 2003

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Apparement le betatest est terminé aussi FranklinCovey annonce la disponibilité de Franklin Covey Tabletplanner v3.0 ce 17 Novembre 2003.

Les fonctionnalités annoncées sont les suivantes (en anglais dans le texte):
– Intuitive user interface remains true to the look and feel of FranklinCovey’s best-selling paper planner.
– Runs fully functional on non-Tablet PCs with Windows XP operating systems.
– Supports Office 2003 and seamlessly syncs Microsoft Outlook or Exchange tasks, appointments, and contacts using built-in, advanced synchronization technology. Also syncs prioritized PlanPlus™ for Microsoft Outlook tasks.
– PowerNotes™ technology provides the best note-taking capabilities available. Record appointments, tasks, notes, and more in your own handwriting with a digital pen.
– Share anything, from handwritten and typed notes to takes or contacts, with anyone via one-click e-mailing.
– Drag and drop any note for easy prioritization, or to convert a task to an appointment or an appointment to a task.
– Prioritize, apply action codes, attach notes, and sort your daily tasks according to the FranklinCovey methodology.
– Enjoy exclusive productivity and effectiveness curriculum from FranklinCovey’s world-renowned training seminars.
– Schedule appointments, set start and end times, and even set recurring appointments in daily, weekly, or monthly view. View meeting details by simply hovering over the item in your calendar.
– Annotate, highlight, and edit documents, such as meeting agendas or spreadsheets, in your own handwriting.
– Keep all your electronic papers-including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more-organized and viewable behind customizable tabs.
– Customizable eBinder™ gives you freedom to personalize and organize your notes and files by color, paper type and more.
– Custom pens feature gives you enhanced organization by allowing you to change the color and thickness of your pens and highlighters and save your preferences.
– Navigate quickly to past and future dates and store years of information for instant reference wherever your day takes you.
– Keyword searching and indexing uses the powerful handwriting recognition of the Tablet PC plus a faster searching method to ensure that you can find any note, appointment, or task in an instant.
– View any document using tools like zoom, shrink, fit to page, rotate, and more.
– « Slide » control allows you to quickly jump to any page within a large document
– Supports the remote or occasionally connected worker who may need to access calendar, task, and contact info when they are behind a firewall using Outlook Web Access.

Franklin Covey Tabletplanner 3.0 le 17 novembre 2003


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