Design Universe propose E-Pen&Forms for Tablet PC

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E-Pen&Forms for Tablet PC est une suite logicielle optimisée pour Tablet PC permettant de mettre en oeuvre facilement des formulaires (que l’on peut scanner d’une base de formulaires déjà existants) sur un TabletPC, de saisir dessus et d’exporter les éléments saisis avec Exchange, Outlook, en CSV ou en XML.

Les avantages de ce produit sont les suivants (en anglais dans le texte) :
– Fully integrated digital ink capabilities of the Tablet PC provide natural writing on all types of forms, planning and task prioritizing capabilities, setting up and maintaining appointment schedules, and making and tracking daily notes.
– Digitally capture information during your meetings and conversations, in meetings, on airplanes—anywhere—in your own handwriting.
– Appointments and tasks can be synchronized with Microsoft® Exchange.
– Contact information can be synchronized with Microsoft Contact®.
– Application forms can be synchronized with Excel® table or XML® forms.
Exchange data with other applications.
– Handwritten notes can be searched, converted to text, copied into other applications, synchronized and even e-mailed.
– Store and make handwritten notes on copies of all your electronic documents—including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more—organized and viewable behind customizable tabs.
– Keyword searching and indexing ensures that you can find any note, appointment, or task in an instant.
– Built-in wireless communication capabilities of the Tablet PC allow you to share and synchronize information on the go.
– Just like any paper form, E-Pen&Forms software includes frames for editing (as on an application form) as well as storing and indexing notes and important files. Each frame’s interface is intuitive, with specific instructions for each frame. With the Frames feature, you can . .

Le produit, disponible en 3 versions en fonction des besoins de conception dispose des prix suivants :
– EPen&Forms Builder $899 per user ;
– EPen&Forms Standard $199 per user ;
– EPen&Forms Filler $149 per user.

Je vous invite à consulter le site web et la démo pour apprécier ce logiciel étonnant.

Press release: Design Universe propose E-Pen&Forms for Tablet PC
Site WEB de E-Pen&Forms

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