Microsoft Onenote 2003 SP1 finalisé

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Les fonctionnalités ajoutées:

* Insert Document as Picture (Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Pictures)
* Shared Sessions – real-time peer-to-peer multi-user sessions (we had over 70 people once)
* Share With Others Pane – e-mail/SharePoint/file share/real-time
* Shared Folders for collaboration with others
* Much better performance with SharePoint
* Password Protection of sections
* Send to/Save as/Publish as Word
* New stationery pane – new stationery too!
* Insert Screen Clipping
* Insert Outlook Meeting Details
* Create Outlook Contact & Appointment
* Insert Date/Time (Ctrl-Shift-F)
* Change date/time on page header
* Names for subpages (they take the first text on the subpage)
* Resizable page tabs (drag page edge)
* Video Recording & linked notes
* Copy text/ink/voice notes from Pocket PC/SmartPhone
* Updated default notebook with out-of-the-box useful structure and « Helpful Tips » section
* Updated online and offline help with top requests (thanks for the on-line feedback!)
* You can specify scope of search before running it (drop-down next to green « go » button)
* Better default notebook structure
* Skip slow sections & folders during search
* 10x perf fixes for Navigation drop-down and clicking on section & folders tabs are all faster
* More note flags (25) and additional symbols
* Tablet improvements
o Added support for scratch-out gesture
o New erasers (including point erase, like a pencil would do)
o Erasing a word in a sentence and rewriting it puts the new word in the right place after converting the sentence to text
o Customizable pens (color, thickness, name, etc)
o You can now double-space your notes without getting a lot of separate containers
o Better ink performance and responsiveness
o Selection tool allows you to grab individual strokes in ink drawings
* Can mark pictures as « background » for use in stationery
* Improved sync support for offline files/Intellimirror
* Can associate different default stationery with each section, create new pages from stationery using split new page button
* Drag/drop files onto OneNote page allows link/copy-and-link/insert as picture
* And loads more little tweaks and nasty things removed…


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