Retour sur un keynotes de Bill Gates de 1991

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Christopher Coulter m’a renvoyé sur le site blog de Loren au sujet d’un Keynotes de Bill Gates en 1991, au sujet des ordinateurs disposant d’une interface graphique et d’un stylet pour intéragir sur le système. Edifiant et intéressant non ?

• Gates’ 1991 Keynote on Pen Computing – “…I thought the pen computing segment was so interesting that I transcribed it. Before I get to the transcript, let me set some context using some info pulled from the recording…Most people are running DOS on a 386 machine. In the year 1991 20 million DOS/Windows systems were sold, 2 million Apple systems, and 250,000 Sun computers. The 486 was still a high-end system and as Gates mentions in his keynote, “1-Gb logical address space should prove adequate for personal computer applications for the rest of the decade.” If you got a chuckle out of this, you’ll probably enjoy Gates comments on pen computing…” (Source: Loren, Incremental Blogger)

“The pen is an amazing device. I think everybody that’s gotten involved in working with pens finds that they have far more impact than sort of the simple mouse replacement or keyboard substitute that you might think of them being at first. The idea that you’re right there at the surface of the machine pointing at the data, circling that data, gives you a level of accuracy that simply was never possible with the indirect approach of working with the mouse. And so we have now the idea of gestures to give common commands. We have the idea of simply using ink where you annotate things and not worrying about having the computer have to recognize that. Simply leaving it there so that it passes through the storage system out across the network to all the different users. That information is there for somebody else to look at. And we even have this idea of text recognition. As the two primary operating systems in this area have opened up their interfaces to allow anybody to put in a recognizer it’s been amazing to see dozens of companies come along and advance the state of the art in handwriting recognition. It’s still not to the point where this is a keyboard substitute nor is it likely to be for a number of years. But it’s very adequate in terms of the kind of note-taking or forms fill out that you would do on a mobile basis…”

– Bill Gates


Retour sur un keynotes de Bill Gates de 1991

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