Lycoris et le Flybook: un deal intéressant

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LinuxWorld, San Francisco – Thursday, August 5, 2004 – Lycoris, the leading provider of desktop Linux solutions for the consumer market, today announced that Dialogue Technology Corporation, a successful system design company based in Taiwan, has selected Desktop/LX Tablet Edition as an alternative to Windows® XP Tablet Edition for its range of ultra-portable notebook computers. Adding to the growing list of OEMs who see the expansion of Linux desktop market, Dialogue Technology chose Lycoris Desktop/LX as the vehicle to target the less-technical customer and bring Linux to a broader audience.

« More and more system builders are looking for a way to break Microsoft’s stranglehold on the desktop market, » said Joseph Cheek, CEO and Founder of Lycoris. « Dialogue Technology’s decision to pre-install Desktop/LX Tablet Edition on its FlyBook notebooks will help bring choice to thousands of consumers world wide. »

« We have seen a huge demand for Linux pre-installed on our FlyBook notebook line since they first debuted earlier this year, » said Jack Lee, President of Dialogue Technology Corporation. « Together with Lycoris, we can now fulfill this demand for our customers worldwide. Thanks to Desktop/LX Tablet Edition, the FlyBook is primed to take a leading position in the ultra-portable computing market. »

Desktop/LX Tablet Edition is the world’s first alternative to Microsoft Windows® XP Tablet Edition, and establishes Lycoris as a Linux technology leader in a space previously only inhabited by Microsoft. Lycoris has developed special technology for this platform, including a keyboard-free user interface, gesture-based handwriting recognition, touch screen driver integration, screen rotating support, advanced power management features and USB CD-ROM installation enhancements. Desktop/LX Tablet Edition is tailored specifically for OEMs in the tablet PC space and Lycoris is working hand in hand with Dialogue Technology to ensure an enjoyable customer experience. Desktop/LX Tablet Edition will allow Dialogue to maintain strong profit margins while providing a tangible value to their customers.


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