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Survey System de Knight Software of Michigan, Inc. est un logiciel qui permet de créer des formulaires spécialement adaptés au Tablet PC pour collecter live des informations et les organiser. Assurances, qualité, médecine, architecture, etc etc .. ce logiciel qui semble simple d’emploi se mue dans une multitude de métiers comme progiciel simple d’emploi et simple à déployer.
A essayer, il y a une version démo chez TabletPC’Post

Study Creation

1. Studies are created, deployed, and analyzed by the person requiring the data without the IT department.
2. Studies are efficiently created without knowledge of databases or programming.
3. Survey design time is significantly reduced because the Survey System automatically formats the survey in a professional and consistent manner.

Survey Filling

1. The Survey Filling application is designed to allow an untrained user to fill out surveys. This allows the subject to enter their information directly in the database without training.
2. Automatic formatting allows the survey to be displayed optimally on any size computer screen using any font size.
3. Surveys can be filled out by visually impaired individuals with larger fonts on demand.
4. Unlike typical forms, the survey format resembles a paper survey. This makes it clear to the participant what is being asked in each question without needing to go to a secondary help screen.
5. The Survey Filling application is optimized to work on a Standard PC or a Tablet PC, when only a pen is available to the participant.
6. Surveys can collect handwritten notes.
7. Study Results are more accurate than paper surveys since required information cannot be left blank and no errors are generated during tabulation.

Study Deployment

1. Study Data can be housed in a single study file or in multiple study files at disconnected locations or on disconnected computers.
2. Deploying a Study is done by copying the study file to a shared directory on a server or emailing it to all facilities participating in the study.

Analysis / Collecting Results

1. The Survey System has the capability to automatically merge the study files collected from disconnected facilities.
2. The Survey System exports study results to a CSV file that can be analyzed in Microsoft Excel or other data analysis package.

Download Includes trial of:

* Study Architect
* Study Participant
* Tablet PC Support
* Tutorials & more

Run The Installation

1. Double-click on the download file. This will extract the installation files.
2. Double-click on the file called « Setup.Exe » that was extracted in step 1.

Supported Platforms

* Windows XP Tablet Edition
* Windows XP*
* Windows 2000*


Survey Systeme chez TabletPC’Post
Knight Software of Michigan, Inc.

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