Motion Computing lance le M1400 TC

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Motion Computing Launches M1400TC Tablet Client

Designed for Wireless Network and Mobile Client-Server Based Environments

Austin, Texas, Jan. 25, 2005 – A mobile thin client tablet computer was introduced today by Motion Computing®, a leader in ultramobile computing and wireless communications.

Thin client computers allow organizations to provide software applications and updates to their users while protecting sensitive information stored on secure network servers.

Priced from $1,649 and shipping now, the Motion M1400 TC Tablet Client runs the Windows® XP Embedded operating system. It comes loaded with Microsoft® Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Citrix® ICA® Client and Microsoft® Internet Explorer with the Sun Microsystems™ Java™ Runtime Environment, and EverNote Corp.’s ritePen handwriting recognition software. Because thin client computers do not store data locally like traditional PCs, these applications connect the device to software managed and data stored on an organization’s network.

The Motion M1400TC Tablet Client uses the existing Motion M1400 slate tablet PC chassis and has many of the same features including its award-winning wide viewing angle display and an integrated fingerprint reader. The tablet’s traditional hard drive is replaced with 512MB solid-state flash storage, allowing storage only of the operating system and essential applications.

Working closely with its healthcare, retail and manufacturing customers, Motion identified the need across multiple markets for an ultramobile, wireless thin client computer. Motion customers wanted to walk and compute with a lightweight slate tablet with pen input; but required the high data security, networked data access, centrally managed administration and high system reliability associated with thin client computing.

“We listen to our customers, and used our reliable, secure and familiar tablet design to give them an ultramobile thin client computer,” said Peter Hunt, Motion’s vice president of value-added peripherals. “Depending on their network security requirements, we anticipate that customers will purchase the M1400TC as well as the M1400 tablet PC so we offer the benefit of shared mobile peripherals.”

About Motion Computing
Motion Computing — a tablet PC market leader — combines world-class innovation and industry experience, enabling people to use computers in new ways and places. Marketed directly through its Web site and an experienced international reseller network, each Motion product is built to customer specifications. The company’s award-winning M1200, M1300 and M1400 Tablet PCs and accessories are designed for healthcare, field sales and services, education and government users who need a combination of true mobility, power and versatility. For more information:


Motion Computing lance le M1400 TC

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