Le retour des rumeurs du Tablet PC d’IBM

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tabletPCBuzz se fend de rapporter les dires d’un de ses membres du forum sur un potentiel Tablet PC d’IBM:
WE are trying to decide what tablet to purchase for students 5-12 grade and met with a leasing agent who had just gotten the IBM tablet from them that morning. (He also had the toshiba R15, M200, a motion and an HP 1100 so it was great fun!)
He said the IBM is due out May 15. It is 12 inches but looks smaller..looks just like the thinkpad…had a 1.5 or 1.6 processor…it was about 3.5-4 lbs…it felt like the lightest one and was as thin as the motion slate….has a feature to partition off the image we would load and allow us to « reimage » little johnny’s from his own laptop….it has 2 batteries in the battery attachment so it gives it 8 hours….it was very thin…

We really liked it….the issue for us and the teachers is the IBM (a little scary that it is the first year) and the light weight or the R15 and the big screen..both had comparable pricepoints..IBM was pricing between $1500-1600..with the slice included…

La brève description fournie ressemble à s’y méprendre au IBM LG LT20 … Enfin on va voir …


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