On continue les rumeurs sur le Tablet PC d’IBM

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TabletPCBuzz est à la pointe concernant les diverses informations (vraies ou fausses) sur un potentiel Tablet PC d’IBM. Apparemment basé sur la plateforme x41 (Miammmmm), voici ce que dit le correspondant anonyme sur cette future tablette (convertible donc):
(En anglais dans le texte)
* The tablet should be announced first week in May
* It is an X41…it will have a titanium case
* 1.6 processor with 512 in one slot (not sure but it will probably have options from 1.5 to 1.7 processing speeds)
* probably 2 usb ports
* 1 firewire
* 1 memory card slot
* internal microphone
* battery options
standard gets 4-5 hours
extended life – 8 hours and a little more money

* the ultra bay or slice will costs extra and is really thin.
* base price approximate $1600: not yet fixed
* screen resolution is as good as the Motion (which IBM does not see as a competitor for the X41 since one is a slate and the other is convertible) and better than the Toshiba or any other tablet or slate
* 40GB harddrive option for 60GB
* between 3.5-4 lbs
* about 2/3 the thickness of the Toshiba M200 with slightly smaller footprint

Bref un ThinkPad X41 avec la fonction tablette rajoutée. Si c’est ça, c’est bien, mais ils ne se seront pas foulés … j’espérais quelque chose de plus réfléchi en terme de form-factor.


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