Orange Guava 1.2 finalisé

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Tom Clarkson est un des développeurs du logiciel OrangeGuava , qui vient juste d’être finalisé et nous propose une liste impressionnante de consolidation du logiciel dans cette nouvelle release:
Transparent image backgrounds
Areas redrawn during moving/sizing
New Area move pen mode replaces area handles
Thumbnail images used where available
Icons enlarged under cursor
Support for non-filesystem icons
Complete shell context menus (send to, open with, new folder etc)
Easier conversion between areas and icons
Quick New Area defaults to color of standard desktop
More efficient painting and collision detection
Cursors set to match pen mode
Reliable icon grid handling
Relative position of areas and icons no longer changes unexpectedly
Support for multiple monitors in different orientations
Double click anywhere to zoom to an area
More efficient loading on startup
New option to control how background images are displayed when zoomed in on a transparent child area
Warning displayed before removing an area
Ability to use non-file paths as an icon source
New options in area dialog for using the standard windows desktop as a background image
Fixed error when mouse button is released outside the color wheel
Area caption reset after change of folder in area dialog
Support for languages without an available recognizer
Alt-F4 Closing disabled for tooltips and popup
Support for limited user accounts
Fixed loading of data structures without office 2003
Fixed field population in edit gesture dialog.
Fixed unnecessary reloading of formalize data structures
Improved handling of formalize queue timer
Added refresh button for formalize settings
New menu for drop options
Option to show popup with tap rather than mouseover
Option in area settings dialog to hide titles
Added clear ink option to context menu
Keyword ink removed after search
Allow icons as drop targets
Recycle bin working on desktop
Icons no longer overlap after resizing icon grid
Configurable context menu
Optional warning before deleting all ink
Improved saving on exit
Fixed eraser size to match cursor at all zoom settings
Configurable pen and eraser size
Saving of pen settings
Possible fix for crash on close
AutoExport will only activate if ink in the popup has changed
Tapping the popup outside the inkable area will close it.
Of particular note to ActiveWords users is the ability to ink commands directly in OG.

Un logiciel encore et toujours à découvrir ici
Et à télécharger ici


Orange Guava 1.2

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