Bill Gates: Avocat du Tablet PC ?

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Voilà un article pour le moins intéressant sorti des archives du magazine Microsoft Certified Professionnal Magazine, intitulé Bill 2.0: 5-Year Performance Review. Outre les faits marquants de la vie de Bill Gates depuis son départ du poste de CEO de Microsoft, un analyste affirme que le projet Tablet PC aurait été arrêté s’il n’avait pas trouvé en Bill Gates son meilleur avocat !

One long-time hot-button is alternative input, including speech recognition and pen computing. Here Gates is either ahead of his time or overly optimistic. Take the Tablet PC, which debuted in November 2002. The following March, at the Mobility Developers Conference, Gates called the Tablet PC « an explosive form factor, because things like annotation and reading, note taking, haven’t really been possible, » and spoke of vendors selling out of their units.

But the Tablet PC has yet to capture the public’s imagination. Analyst DeMichillie says it’s a « product that probably would have been killed had it not been for Bill’s personal advocacy. »


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