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Josh Einstein a présenté sur son blog les principes de mise à jour de tablet Enhancement pour Outlook, son programme fétiche pour améliorer considérablement les fonctionnalités de Microsoft Outlook avec un Tablet PC.
If you purchased TEO 2.0 on or after 10/1/2005*, then your upgrade to TEO 3.0 will be no additional cost.

Upgrades from TEO 2.0 will be $24.99 and the full price will be $49.99. TEO 3.0 will be released around December 2005. No concrete release date has been specified.

Les améliorations et nouvelles fonctionnalités intégrées sont (en anglais):

Larger, more comfortable input controls with visible rule lines, focus indication, full keyboard support, and improved recognition.
Much better correction interface with ability to correct recognition while preserving ink.
Background incremental recognition and Outlook data binding for much faster saving.
Full featured note taking with support for mixes of ink, text, shapes, images, and flags.
Windows Journal import capability.
Outlook attachments and contact links supported from within the TEO window.
Many more Outlook fields supported. Almost all fields supported.
Durations and abbreviations supported in ink. Writing things like “1 d” or “2 hours” supported in duration fields.
Tab position can be top, bottom, left, or right.
Notes bug fixed!
Appointment label supported.

New Features
Information bar allows special messages and context sensitive tips to be shown at the top of the window.
Integration with Virtual Earth for mapping support without MapPoint.
Integrated telephony features such as click to call and auto call journaling and conference calling.
Integrated voice recording and playback.
Background lookups in Wikipedia and other reference databases.
Improved reminders dialog with ink support and text to speech option.
Recurring appointments and tasks supported.
Ability to choose the handwriting recognizer language on a per item basis.
Option to warn when saving an item without a category.
Contact images and business card images (from a CardScan device) displayed in the form.
Layout manager provides optimized layouts for various resolutions and orientations.

On notera aussi son intention d’intégrer les fonctionnalités ou directement l’outil KnockOut 1.3 une sorte de compagnon pour Microsoft Outlook qui facilite sa maintenance et son utilisation. A regarder de près.


L’information chez Josh Einstein
La revue de Tablet Enhancement pour Outlook 1.0
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