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Si vous êtes du genre curieux et que vous vous posez un certain nombre de questions sur l’update SP2 de Microsoft OneNote 2003, sachez que cette mise à jour, comparativement à la première n’est pas majeure si ce n’est la correction de 7 bugs de blocages du logiciels: aucune fonctionnalité n’a été rajoutée
Voici la liste des bugs corrigés et postés sur le blog de Chris Pratley

1. Crash Caused By: ONMAIN.DLL!Jot::WISPWrap::GetStrokeCount. Create a highlighter stroke over a white space placeholder so that the stroke is totally contained within the area of the space blob. And we crash. This one was a top crash report via Watson for us. It was pretty easy to have happen if you make a small mark with a highlighter in front of some indented text or between two words that are far apart.
2. Crash Caused By: ONMAIN.DLL!Jot::InkEditor::UpdateSizeOnPlaceholderBlob. Watson bucket. We know user was creating some ink text that lead OneNote to create a new paragraph. Somewhere in the process we failed to insert placeholder blob and subsequent operation of adjusting the size of the blob caused a crash.
3. Crash Caused By: ONMAIN.DLL!MoveIntoOutlineCore. If paste mode is set to « keep text only » and a picture is selected from within OneNote and pasted in OneNote, we crash. Setting the paste mode to text only removes the picture and causes a null item to be pasted.
4. Wrong pane opens when stationery is downloaded. User downloads stationery from OfficeOnline. The user should be able to see where the downloaded template is in OneNote, so that they can apply it. They should see the OneNote pane that lists all the available stationery. In OneNote 2003 RTM the Office Online ActiveX download control used a command line flag to cause OneNote to open the “New” task pane, which contained the list of all available stationery. In SP1, the stationery was moved to another pane, so now users can’t find the stationery they just downloaded. We have heard many complaints and got some bad stationery ratings because of this. With this fix and corresponding fix to the ActiveX control, OneNote 2003 SP2 will open the Stationery pane and the users will be able to find downloaded stationery. OneNote 2003 SP1 or RTM will still work as they do today, because they will ignore the unknown flag.
There is already a command line param to force the new file taskpane to be opened on boot. The fix is to add code just like that except it will open the stationery taskpane instead. The command line arg is « /stationerytaskpane » and is completely independent from other command line args, including the one that opens the « new » taskpane. If both are specified both will execute and the last one will be the pane left standing.
5. .mht file with 0 byte size is created when publish across network using non-System Locale. Data loss: saving an MHTML file with a file name not in the system default code page (e.g. a Japanese file name on an English system) results in a zero-byte file. No problem when using standard languages for your system. Due to the way the MSO HTML exporter manages its files, the destination file needs to be opened with FILE_SHARE_DELETE permissions, because in certain cases the exporter will replace the destination file instead of writing directly to it.
6. DW: Crash Caused By: ONMAIN.DLL!Jot::CUndoStack::PushRedo. There are, apparently, cases were we can push a null undo record on the stack – we know this thanks to Watson. This will later result in a crash when we try to deref the record. Fixed.
7. DW: Crash Caused By: ONMAIN.DLL!Jot::CStationeryActor::OnExecuteAction. The exact cause is unknown, however, it’s our 6th highest Watson bucket. We believe that the problem occurs when you create a new page and then either shutdown or switch to a page without a title or similar. Fixed.


Le blog de Chris Pratley: OneNote 2003 SP2

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