Nouvelle API confirmée dans OneNote12

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Owen Braun, sur son blog, nous annonce que OneNote disposera d’une API modifiée et améliorée pour l’importation de données. OneNote 2003 avait vu dans sa version SP1, le rajout attendu d’une APi qui avait permis d’utiliser un simple schéma XML pour importer des données dans le Bloc-Notes de OneNote ainsi qu’un mécanisme permettant donc de créer des applications externes pour réaliser ces opérations.
La version 12 se trouve améliorée et il semblerait manquer actuellement le système d’enregistrement des applications et la documentation dans MSDN (en cours de publication) pour finaliser une nouvelle Beta 1 de cette nouvelle API.

GetHierarchy, UpdateHierarchy and DeleteHierarchy. Retrieve, add, and delete pieces of the OneNote hierarchy (notebooks, folders, sections, and pages) as XML.
OpenHierarchy and CloseNotebook. Open sections and or open or close notebooks, as though you had used File>Open, Open Notebook, Close Notebook.
CreateNewPage. Add a new page to the end of the current section. You can also accomplish this via UpdateHierarchy (which allows you to add pages at other locations than the end of the section); this method is just provided for convenience, since this is a common operation.
GetPageContent, UpdatePageContent, DeletePageContent and GetBinaryPageContent. Retrieve, update, or delete page content as XML. This handles all kinds of OneNote content, including text, ink, pictures, audio/video, and attached files. A parameter specifies whether to serialize the binary files inline, or return IDs that can be used to retrieve the files individually using GetBinaryPageContent.
SavePageAsMHTML. Returns the contents of a page in MHTML format, exactly as if you clicked File>Save As, and then selected « Current Page » as the scope and « MHTML » as the format. This is a convenience method for getting a reasonably hi-fidelity rendering of the page in a standard format, in case your intent is to display the content or use it in a non-OneNote context.
NavigateTo. Navigates to the object you specify (a section, a page, a paragraph, etc). You specify using the same IDs that are returned by GetHierarchy and GetPageContent. This allows you your add-in to ensure that the user is directed to the appropriate portion of their notes in response to events in the add-in.
GetHyperlinkToObject. Returns a onenote:// hyperlink to the object with the specified ID. Useful for embedding links in other applications or documents that, when clicked, will return the user to this exact object within OneNote.
FindPages. Returns the user’s OneNote hierarchy as XML (like GetHierarchy), but only includes pages that match the specified search string. (Search string has same format and options as what you would type into the Find box in OneNote.) An option specifies whether to show the UI of the search running as well. This can be useful for locating a particular note previously created via an add-in.


New Extensibility in OneNote 12

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