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Agilix vient de finaliser enfin son Agilix GoBinder 2006 et la mise à disposition est effective depuis la semaine dernière. Les fonctionnalités apportées à cette nouvelle version sont assez collosales et sont disponible dans la suite de cette news.
Une serie de plugins et de addons permetent de personnaliser cette nouvelle version aussi bien avec des Skins qu avec des modèles de documents

Une nouvelle version à évaluer rapidement !

Ink Enhancements
GoBinder 2006 uses the new Agilix InfiNotes Professional Edition to enhance the ink note-taking capability.
Now part of GoBinder is:
• Optional screen pen, highlighter, color selection making it easier to select colors or pens with a
single click
• Shape creation tool makes it easy to create vector-like graphics through simple ink strokes
• Multiple flag types to mark key places in a document, flag a question, an important item or a “to
do.” Custom flags can also be created.
Calendar, Tasks, Contacts Enhancements
GoBinder 2006 has a number of new enhancements for personal management, including:
• Categories. Users can now associate calendar, tasks, contacts to user-defined categories. Through
filters, users can see appointments or contacts that are associated with a category.
• Unscheduled tasks. Now users can keep two sets of tasks—scheduled and unscheduled. Scheduled
tasks have a due date, unscheduled tasks do not. This enables users to add tasks that need to be
done some time in the future.
• Drag tasks to change priority and sort by order of importance. Tasks can be dragged-and-dropped
from one priority level to another. Users can also now sort tasks by priority through the same dragand-
drop method.
• Task color by priority. Users can define fours colors for four types of tasks—high, normal, low and
• Recurring tasks. Tasks that happen on an ongoing basis, such as a monthly report, can be set up
• Links can be created between appointments, tasks and contacts in a detail view. A task can be
linked to an important meeting, for example, or to an individual to whom the task was delegated.
New Course (Project) Tab
The new version includes a new feature called Course Tabs. While defined for students to set up their
individual courses, it can also be used by professionals and students for simple project management:
• In addition to folders, it includes a Calendar, Tasks and Contacts (called Staff Information, but can
easily be renamed to Contacts) associated with the course/project.
• Links are automatically created between all appointments, tasks and contacts with the
course/project. Assign class or ongoing project meetings, tasks for the project and individuals
connected to the course/project.
• A category is automatically assigned for the course/project.
Note Tabs & Note Enhancements
Note tabs are still supported for non-course/projects to store personal notes and digital images with these
• Notes now support an auto-outline mode that supports numbers and bullets six-levels deep using
tabs and backtabs.
• Users can drag & drop RTF, plain text and web text to and from a note to another application.
• Users can drag & drop a native Windows file from Windows Explorer into a note, which creates a
hyperlink to the local file.
Search Enhancements
The search functionality has been expanded to:
• Filter searches by category, by type (appointments, contacts, etc.) and/or by folders.
• Next hit and previous hit buttons enable quick location of other hits within a note or other object.
Personalization Enhancements
More personalization options are provided in GoBinder 2006 through a new Options dialog, such as:
• GoBinder can come up where the user was last or at the calendar, contacts or any tab.
• Default font, font size, stationary and initial zoom for note pages is user defined.
• Users can create their own color-coded categories.
• The calendar can be changed to display different time scale (i.e., 10 min., 30 min., 60 min.), can
show week numbers in calendars, can define the work week and when a work day starts and ends.
General Enhancements
Other various enhancements have been added to GoBinder 2006:
• A trash bin makes it easy to retrieve objects that were accidentally deleted.
• Full screen view makes the entire screen available for note-taking.
• More file formats are supported for exporting and sending a note as an attachment—Image (.png),
Rich Text, Plain Text, Agilix’s InfiNotes format and Ink Serialized Format—in addition to Web
format (.mht) and GoBinder Interchange File.
Open Architecture
• GoBinder 2006 is a complete re-write of GoBinder around Microsoft .NET.
• It has an open architecture with a free SDK that can be downloaded from the Agilix website.
• Third party developers can build “plug-ins” which extend and enhance GoBinder.
• All plug-ins are written in the .NET Framework (1.1 today with support for 2.0 in the future) using
well known tools, such as Microsoft Visual Studio.


Agilix GoBinder 2006

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