Notebook Hardware Control 1.10 b2

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le logiciel Notebook Hardware Control est désormais disponible en version 1.10 b2. de nombreuses améliorations sont intégrées au logiciel comme celui d’imposer une mode de fonctionnement en % du processeur en fonction de son mode d’alimentation en énergie (batterie ou secteur) mais bien d’autres améliorations sont en cours de fonctionnement comme la gestion des cartes graphiques nVidia et ATI au niveau de la consommation énergétique, une gestion plus fine du ventilateur du CPU. La gestion du CoreDuo complète devrait être disponible d’ici peu.


News and fixes in the Notebook Hardware Control BETA 02
– add support for Intel Core Duo / Solo
– add multiprocessor support
– add new system tray icons (CPU Load, HD Temperature)
– add icons for profiles
– add clock modulation
– improved the monitoring function
– removed standby bug on HP Notebooks
– removed a lot of other bugs
– Todo: -> BETA 01
– (21.03.2006)
News and fixes in the Notebook Hardware Control BETA 01
– NEW SERVICE (now NHC works on all user accounts at the same time)
– ADD MONITORING (chart window and data logging on HD)
– REMOVED the power scheme bug with NHC service (bug: the settings were set to default)
– SECURETY IMPROVED: on restricted user accounts NHC runs with the restricted user privileges
– (with RunAs NHC was running with admin rights and this was a security hole)
– add Voltage Control for Pentium 4 (mobile and desktop)
– add NHC Messages (possibility the send messages to NHC).
– add ASUS / SAMSUNG HotKey Control
– add Power Scheme Control (with service also available on restricted user accounts)
– add the possibility to show the HD temperature in the system tray
– add ATI Powerplay support, improved the ATI Clock Control
– add HD Standby Time
– improved the CPU clock detection
– fixed a lot of bugs and problems
– Todo: finish the nvidia support, finish the acpi fan control, add AMD and Intel Core Duo support,
– expand FAQ, Help and webpage, add events in nhc and improve/add tray icon options.


Notebook Hardware Control 1.10 b2

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