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Skura Corporation, Le leader mondial des services CRM dans l’industrie pharmaceutique a annoncé récemment le lancement de son logiciel SFX Viewer. SFX Viewer est un logiciel qui permet aux forces de ventes d’accéder facilement à toutes les informtions de votre application CRM et d’optimiser les informations délivrées et leur pertinence pour un médecin utilisant un Tablet PC.
Le reste de l’information est en anglais, mais je vous laisse le soin de le lire si cela vous interesse. Nombre d’applicatifs métiers verticaux sont mainteannt convertis en mode Tablet PC, du fait de la pertinene ce de la plateforme sur ces secteurs (forts déploiements)

Driven by extensive, global client input, SFX-Viewer marks a significant breakthrough that encompasses true Closed-Looped 1 to 1 Marketing. Susan Thomas at Janssen Ortho says, « Closed loop means that a sales rep selects a physician from a pick list immediately before the sales call and from that point on SFX records information about the sales interaction. The loop ultimately gets « closed » when the relationship between the information captured is correlated to increases in physician attitude, mindshare, and brand loyalty. »

« In today’s crowded pharma & biotech detailing world, delivering highly personalized messages that align specific physician opportunities with a broad portfolio of products is key to developing a true relationship between a pharmaceutical company and a physician, » says Jeff Wessinger, President, Skura Product. « Marketing organizations that constantly try to uncover true unmet needs through message response analysis and other tools will outperform competition. »

The SFX Viewer interface itself « engages » the physician because it employs branching logic based on physician responses. The messages then change to create a more relevant interaction and uses an appropriate flow of message that can segue to medical journal articles, charts and graphs, video clips, survey questions, or a follow up item pick list. It is the combination of the relatively large viewing screen of the tablet, the doctor being able to take the stylus and do the navigating, and a more flowing presentation including video clips that makes it more appealing.


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