Une revue vidéo du oQo 01+ chez TabletPCTalk

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Chris De Herrera, webmaster de TabletPCTalk a publié une revue du OQO +01 fonctionnant avec le système Tablet PC.
« The OQO Model 01+ is the next generation of the original OQO which I first saw at CES in 2004. Well since 2004, the OQO has only had some minor improvements. They have increased the ram to 512MB and now support USB 2.0. Also, they now offer the option for users to purchase the Tablet PC OS for the OQO. Here’s my review of the OQO Model 01+ with Windows XP, Tablet PC Edition after using it for the past month »

  • La revue du oQo +01 chez TabletPCTalk
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