Mise à jour de Tablet Outlook v3.0 beta 1: Compatible Outlook2007

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Josh Einstein a mis à jour la version beta 1 de Tablet Enhancement pour Outlook 3.0 disponible actuellement en libre téléchargement pour évaluation. Outre la correction d'un certain nombre de bugs, cette version est maintenant compatible avec Microsoft Outlook 2007 Beta1 TR, dont on sait que les améliorations encre nuémriques ne seront pas légions hélas !

Build 3.0.2292 Released on 4/11/2006 17:53 UTC
Provides a roll up of all known show-stoppers in Outlook 2003. Outlook 2007 is now working in my test environment. The default country code not being set no longer crashes TEO. Wikipedia lookups are moved to the server. As such, there may be an initial pause when doing the first lookup. I'll fix this in a future build. Much better logging in this build. New network logging utility prompts you to enable network logging at the end of the install. The expiration date has been extended slightly to April 20, 2006. The reason for this is because I want people to register for the beta once I get a registration form up. If I set the beta too far out, then nobody will come back for the latest build to registe

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