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Handago, le célèbre portaul de ventes de logiciels en ligne a ouvert il y a quelques mois, une section Tablet PC pour le moins … Pauvre en contenu dédié. Pour améliorer ele contenu, elle ouvre un concours ou un UMPC / Origami est le lot à gagner. Les conditions du concours sont listées en anglais ci dessous

How to get started (Developers must be a Handango partner to participate):

1. To begin development, please visit the Ultra-Mobile PC Development Quick
Start Guide

2. If you have questions, please visit the MSDN Mobile PC and Tablet PC
Developer Center
or email mpcisv@microsoft.com

3. For ways to optimize your UMPC applications for touch and ink, check out
Microsoft Sudoku

4.  Test your application in the UMPC Display Emulator

5.  After completing your application and verifying that it's Tablet PC and UMPC compatible, email the Handango Tablet PC team (tabletpc@handando.com) to submit your titles.

6.  Deadline for all entries is August 31st.

7.  Winners for top Personal, Media&Entertainment, and Multimedia&Communications applications will be announced in September.

Technical requirements for entry:

  a.. Run on Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005
  b.. Include Tablet PC SDK 1.7 features (ink or gestures)
  c.. UI must follow Ultra-Mobile PC guidelines:
    a.. be aware of screen rotation and adhere to 800×480 display resolution
    b.. maximize form factor real-estate
    c.. include controls that can be manipulated by finger

Please contact tabletpc@handango.com if you have questions or need additional details.   We look forward to seeing your applications! 

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