Tablet Enhancement pour outlook 3.0 beta 3 disponible

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Josh Einstein vient de mettre à disposition la version 3.0 Beta 3 de TEO (Tablet Enhancement pour Outlook). La liste des améliorations est interessante: outre un nouvel installer, on notera surtout une amélioration importante des performances, qui sont le point faible actuel du logiciel: sur une machine standard avec 512 Mo de RAM, les temps de chargements sont réduits de moitieé voire même de 2 tiers !

Une mise à jour Beta 3 pour le moins interessante et à essayer pour se faire une idée !

Le ChangeLog:

– New installer. More reliable than the old one. You will be prompted to uninstall the current version because an architectural change I made makes it impossible to seamlessly migrate from the TEO 1, 2 or 3 beta to the latest build. Future versions will resume upgrade capability but only from this version forward.
The new installer is where most of the time has been spent. To those interested, it's called Wix and you can read more about it at

– Significantly faster load times. I've profiled the software extensively and added a native code generation step to the install procedure. In my virtual machine with 512 megs of ram I am seeing initial load times for the contact screen to be around 5 seconds. Much faster than previous versions.

– Audio recording COM interop revamped. This won't really have any affect on the end user in terms of features or behavior but it's one less DLL to distribute and helps load times a tiny bit. Just let me know if it breaks. Also the first time you use audio recording, if you haven't set your recording device or your set recording device is removed, you'll be prompted to select a recording device and source.

– Attachments have real file icons now and they are grouped by type (documents, pictures, etc). The icons are the same as you'd see in Windows Explorer.

Misc things

– Recognized text no longer shows in red even though you have confidence indicator turned off.
– Custom InputScopes for phone number and postal code are now used by the recognizer.
– Edit menu finally works correctly.
– New plugin model using plugins.ini and I have decided to make the TEO plugin API available shortly after launch.
– Worked around an Outlook 2007 bug where the Tablet PC menu would sometimes not show up because Outlook was opened invisibly or "Open In New Window" was used on a folder.
– Fixed a bug where only one new item could be created in TEO at a time. For example, if you had a journal entry open, you couldn't open a new task. This has been fixed.
– Fixed a tracing/diagnostics bug that was causing the trace listeners to be instantiated twice.
– Upgrade checks can now be disabled.


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