Graphite: Visio Like sur Tablet PC

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Graphite est un nouveau logiciel dont l'objectif est d'avoir un système qui permette rapidement à main levée de tracer des organigrammes et graphiques.

l'auteur explqiue bien son objectif: avoir un Visio like mais qui soit utilisable très rapidement. le logiciel est d'ailleurs super léger (moins de 100 ko) très rapide, a son propre format de fihcier et il est open source !


A essayer de toute urgence !

What is Graphite?

Graphite is the Spiffy Codename for a tablet PC application for drawing and manipulating flowcharts and other box-and-line graphs.

Why not use Visio?

Good question. I use Visio at work all the time to create system architecture diagrams. The trouble with Visio is that it's not really designed for real-time note taking. I wanted a fast and fluid app that I could use while in a meeting.

So, wouldn't it be cool if you could export your Graphite document to Visio for final tweaks and publication?

That's the plan.

Why don't you update more often?

Graphite is a personal hobby project; I have a "real" job as a software engineer. I update Graphite (and this blog) when I have spare time.

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