tabletgear: portail de ventes de logiciels Tablet PC

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Après Handago et son pitoyable portail de vente de logiciel pour Tablet PC, TabletGear vient d'être lancé !


Le communiqué de presse, LLC announces the launch of a new store selling software for the Tablet PC., LLC announces the launch of a new store selling software for the Tablet PC. The new store will offer software written specifically for the Tablet PC as well as software useful to Tablet PC users.

Initially the store will be stocked with over 200 software titles for Tablet PC users. Trial versions of many of these titles are also available. Additionally, most of these titles are available for instant fulfillment. In addition to mainstream commercial software, the software store at will provide a sales channel for smaller software companies, and independent developers to distribute their products. For more information regarding the Developer Partner Program please contact at (949) 273-4558, or via e-mail.

“We are extremely excited by this new opportunity. The new store is the next step in fulfilling our goal of becoming the de facto site for Tablet PC news, information, software, and accessories,” said Scott Watson, President of, LLC.

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