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GRAHL Software vient d'annoncer la disponibilité de PDFAnnotator v1.3.0.71, en version maintenance et mise à jour gratuite pour les utilisateurs enregistrés. Cette version est une mise à jour de la version 1.3 récemment publéie qui corrige quelques anomalies et rajoutes quelques fonctionnalités. Elle est une mise à jour gratuite pour les utilisateurs enregistrés


Date: 04/10/2006


+ Option to set PDF Annotator as default
  program for .PDF files.
+ Option to include '-> PDF Annotator' item
  into Explorer context menu for .PDF files
  (previously only available on installation)
+ Render buffer size limit now based on memory
  consumption, instead of page number.
– Problem with shifted annotations for some
  specific PDF documents solved.
– Some specific printing and rendering
  problems fixed.
– Error message when clicking help button in
  toolbar customization dialog.
– NTFS file properties (title, keywords…)
  got lost when saving with PDF Annotator.
– Printing was slow for some documents.
– Some clickable links did not work properly.
– Annotations did not get saved in encrypted
  PDF documents under certain circumstances.

PDF Annotator is a free update for our existing customers.


Revision: 23.08.2006


  + New Feature
  – Fixed Bug
  * Changed Behaviour

> Release:

– Some images in PDFs got rendered upside down.
– Update wizard asked for license update even
  if not required.

> Release:

+ Bookmark tree to jump to pages, available
  from the new View, Go to submenu, and from
  a toolbar button.
+ Follow clickable links to navigate through
  the document.
+ Support for scratchout gesture
  (on Tablet PCs only).
+ Modeless Select: Select annotations while
  the barrel button (right mouse button) is
  pressed, without having to change to select
  mode before.
+ Text search (Find) does now also search the
  handwritten annotations.
+ View, Rotate clockwise and counterclockwise
  commands to rotate all pages.
+ Enhanced printing: Direct printing which is
  much quicker and consumes much less memory
  than printing as image (which is now
  optionally available on the print settings
+ Completely rewritten undo manager for
  faster and less resource consuming undo.
+ New option to enable or disable warning to
  confirm attempt to overwrite original
+ New option to create .ORG backup file when
  overwriting orginal documents the first time.
+ New option to create .BAK backup files each
  time a document is saved.
+ New option to optimize rendering for
  LCD screens.
+ Adjusting bookmarks when inserting, appending
  or deleting files.
+ Appending bookmarks when appending a document.
+ Added Save button to full screen toolbar.
+ New keyboard shortcuts for zoom commands
  that also work in full screen mode.
+ Scrolling while pressing CTRL now zooms in/out.

* Improved internal memory management to reduce
  memory consumption.
* Zoom In and Zoom Out now increases/decreases
  zoom in non-linear steps, including Whole
  Page and Fit to Width view.
* Optimized preset zoom steps in dropdown list.
* Create inserted or appended pages with same
  size like currently selected page.
* Online help revised.
* Online help moved to HTML Help (CHM) format.
* No additional download required when installing
  on desktop (non-tablet) OS.

– Problem with shifted annotations for some
  specific PDF documents solved.
– Many rendering problems fixed.
– Pages containing annotations could not be
  displayed any more after saving and reopening
  in PDF Annotator specific PDF documents.
– Annotations were shifted page by page in
  the saved PDF after inserting/appending new
  pages in PDF Annotator.
– Window position and size did not restore
– Text search (Find) did not find text in some
– Open With did not open with manually defined
  application, but always with default application.
– Undo did not work properly in some conditions.
– Top-of-pen eraser did not work properly.
– Print progress did show wrong page numbers.
– Show Toolbar was visible in context menu
  at any time, not just in full screen mode.
– No error message was displayed for files
  with unsupported encryption.
– Needed to click into the document first,
  before mouse wheel or key scrolling was working
  if file was opened through command line.
– Context menu integration on installation
  did not work.
– Pasting copied ink did paste into invisible
  region of the page if page was zoomed in and
  scrolled down. Now pastes at the current
  cursor position.
– Temporary files were not deleted on shutdown.
– Files of deleted macros were not erased, so
  deleted macros reappeared after restart.
– Rendering problems with some documents resolved.
– After entering the password on password protected
  documents, a bogus error message was shown.
– Saved document was loosing security settings of
  original document.
– Did not properly block features when
  permissions for printing, assembling, commenting
  are not granted.
– Context menu was not available when clicking
  somewhere around a page.
– Context menu was not available when annotations
  where hidden.
– An exception occurred when setting Zoom to a
  value to large for memory. Now putting a
  proper error message on the page instead.

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