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La société EverNote Vient de mettre à disposition la version fianle de EverNote 1.5 (déclinaison freeware et Plus) après quelques seamiens d'un betatest que l'on imagine intensif. Les nouveautés sont nombreuses et en voici une petite liste issues de cette page:

  • Synchronization: With EverNote you can synchronize your notes between your PC and a USB drive or between multiple PCs via USB drives. This feature is available only in EverNote Plus.
  • New Clipping functionality: Outlook Clipper button and ability to call "Add to EverNote" command for Outlook and Thunderbird with a right-click.
  • New Drag-and-drop functionality: Drag & drop notes to select categories or between notes databases.
  • Link to notes: Drag & drop notes and categories to outside applications or to the desktop or copy and paste note links into other notes – now you are able to have links to your notes everywhere!
  • Send notes via IM: Drag-and-drop your notes into Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, Skype and other IMs to instantly transfer interesting bits of info to your buddies.
  • Ability to open multiple databases in separate windows: The new version of EverNote allows opening multiple databases in separate windows. This is an improvement over the previous approach that replaced the current database with the newly opened one.
  • Spellchecker: The new version of EverNote contains a powerful spellchecker from UltraLingua® that helps to avoid misspellings and typos in your notes.
  • New shortcuts: The new version of EverNote allows creating a new note by pressing the INS (Insert) key when focus is on the tape or ESC then INS when focus is on the note.
  • Password protection for the entire EverNote file: New security feature (File->Properties->Create password) to establish a password that will be required to open the current database later.
  • Ability to export notes into TXT and HTM formats: The new version of EverNote provides ability to export into TXT & HTML.

Apparement la Mise à jour de la version 1.0 Plus est payante comme une version complète soit $39.95USD. Et l'achat se fait directement chez Handago

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