AirGator Releases ‘Ultimate’ NAVAir Electronic Flight Bag

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AirGator Releases 'Ultimate' NAVAir Electronic Flight Bag

Mon, 16 Oct '06

Offers Choice Of XM, Sirius Satellite Weather Services

New York-based AirGator Inc. unveiled its next generation electronic flight bag (EFB) Monday at the 2006 National Business Aviation Association conference in Orlando, FL.

"Our new EFB products leverage the latest technology to deliver the functionality that professional and private pilots require to conduct a smooth and safe flight," said Amir Tirosh, President of AirGator. "NAVAir EFBs enable pilots to take advantage of the in-flight tools we all need and the productivity tools we all want."

With a focus on the airline, corporate and other professional pilot requirements, AirGator says its NAVAir products empower the pilot to conduct all flight planning, enroute calculations and destination operations in one device.

At the top of the company's offerings for bizav pilots is the NAVPad Bundle — which includes a Wireless Tablet PC with sunlight-readable touchscreen display, Bluetooth-enabled WAAS GPS and XM WX or WSI/Sirius weather receiver with antenna (both with battery pack capability), NAVAirEFB moving map software with integrated real-time weather, an integrated single wire 12/28 VDC power harness and optional mounting and power backup solutions.

NAVPad bundles are available in either hard drive or 8-16 Gb High Capacity Solid-State configurations. Secondary or multiple display units may be added for additional flexibility, giving all flight deck members, and even the passenger access to current flight information. The solid state device is necessary to ensure unpressurized operation at altitudes greater than 10,000 ft. and the ultimate in reliability.

AirGator offers a wide range of EFB options, engineered for optimal performance in all cockpit conditions. The wide variety of options ensures a cost effective solution for every cockpit and budget.  Software, power and mounting solutions are all integrated, pre-configured and tested. Personalized training programs, 24 x 7 support and hot-swap EFB replacements are available.

AirGator is also the only company to offer EFBs with a choice of XM WX or WSI/Sirius Satellite weather — allowing pilots to configure their EFB using the weather service with which they feel most comfortable.

NAVAir EFBs also offer a wide variety of cockpit and personal productivity applications, including; logbooks, W&B and performance calculators, electronic squawk lists, logs and more – and if the pilot has Windows compatible applications that they already use, AirGator will integrate them into the NAVAir EFB, even converting existing paper SOP’s to electronic format and loading them onto the NAVAir EFB as well.

NAVAir products qualify as Class 1 and Class 2 EFBs according to FAA Circular 120-76A and are available in a wide range of configurations to fit your requirements and your cockpits.



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