Artrage 2.2 est disponible

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Ambient design vient de mettre à disposition la version 2.2 de Artrage, une évolution remarquée du célèbre logiciel de  dessin terriblement fonctionnel sur un Tablet PC. Ce dernier, outre le fait qu'il soit disponible pour WIndows XP et mac OS X, est maintenant aussi disponible en langue française.

On notera aussi un certain nombre d'innovations rajoutées que je vous liste ici le contenu en anglais:

  •  Mac OS X Universal Binary: ArtRage 2.2 OS X is now a Universal binary for PPC and Intel Macs. It will run on OS X version 10.3.9 or higher.
  • Improved Memory Management: Memory use has been improved so that large documents with multiple layers use significantly less memory than in version 2.11.
  • Photoshop Layer Blend Modes: ArtRage 2.2 supports all of the blend modes in Photoshop CS2. You can access these from the Layer Blending menu in the Layers Panel. Blend modes are imported and exported with PSD format documents.
  • ArtRage Auto Updater: The ArtRage Auto Updater included in version 2.2 allows quick and easy updates when a new version is released.
  • Oil Thinners: The Oil tool now allows you to thin your oils significantly. Everything over 50% thinners starts to make the paint transparent to allow painting of oil glazes or gels.
  • Metallic Value Control: You can now adjust the level of metallic color applied to your paint to give partially reflective or pearlescent paints.
  • Glitter improvements: Glitter has other shapes available for different texturing effects. Also glitter now chooses color from tracing images for each glitter particle individually so detailed textured paintings can rapidly be created.
  • Reference Image Zoom: You can now zoom and pan the contents of reference images without changing the size of the reference pinned to the canvas to focus on detail on one particular are of the reference. With multiple reference images pinned to the canvas, you can mix detail with overviews.
  • PTG File Thumbnails: Your painting files are now given thumbnails in your OS. On Windows, a Shell extension gives thumbnails of ArtRage paintings inside Windows Explorer when the view mode is ‘Thumbnails’. On MacOSX a custom icon displays the painting contents in the file browsers.
  • Many other features, updates and bug-fixes!

Le communiqué de presse:


Artrage 2.2 est une mise à jour gratuite pour les acheteurs de la version 2.x sinon il coute $19.95.


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