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Mi-Co annonce la nouvelle version de Mi-Forms Home Health Solution for Mobility

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En conjonction avec la sortie de Mi-Forms v6 Mi-Co annonce la nouvelle version de Mi-Forms Home Health Solution for Mobility. cette nouvelle version fait le focus sur l'amélioration de l'efficacité et la qualité des données lors de la saisie d'informations médicales; pour cela, un certains nombre de contrôles des données saisies sont engagées, et surtout une transversalité de la solution lui permettant de collecter et de mettre à disposition des informations pour des systèmes tiers employés. Plus de détails dans la communiqué de presse ci joint.


Mi-Co Announces New Release of Mi-Forms Home Health Solution for Mobility

Research Triangle Park , NC . December 11, 2006. Mi-Co announced the availability of Mi-Co’s Mi-Forms Home Health Solution with the launch of Version 6 of Mi-Forms Software for enterprise mobile data capture software system. The new release of the Mi-Forms Home Health Solution provides software that will bring increased efficiency and data quality to those organizations tasked with providing healthcare services for patients in the home.

“At Wilson County, we have been working with Mi-Co for over three years,” stated Debra Harris, Director of Home Health, “and this release of the Mi-Forms Home Health Solution provides a way that our nurses can capture data using handwriting and simultaneously use the power of the computer to check for errors while they are in the patient’s home. This software combination of handwriting recognition and business rules on the Tablet PC greatly reduces our error rate when we are completing OASIS forms and other required paperwork.”

The Mi-Forms Home Health Solution is a software and services offering from Mi-Co and selected Mi-Co partners that contains the following major components:

  • A set of home healthcare assessment forms that may be customized for the agency
  • OASIS validation rules built directly into the assessment forms to capture errors at the point of data collection
  • Evaluation forms for various disciplines, such as skilled nursing, physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy
  • Mobile Visit Management System to allow clinicians to view patient data including demographics, medications, and past visits while in a patient’s home
  • Data integration capabilities to automatically generate files for communicating with other systems (such as HAVEN and billing systems)

“Mi-Co’s Mi-Forms Home Health Solution has been built for maximum flexibility for healthcare nurses and clinicians using an environment comprised of industry standards,” stated Adam Duggan, Chief Architect of Mi-Forms Home Health. “The application requirements have been driven by the nurses’ needs while the use of standards minimizes the support needed from information technology personnel. This combination of developing from both the end user’s and the technologist’s perspectives provides both a cost effective solution as well as a user friendly one.”

In building the Mi-Forms Home Health Solution, Mi-Co staff have worked closely with current healthcare customers of the Mi-Forms System. Approximately 40 percent of

Mi-Co customers, including the Wilson County Home Health Agency, are in the healthcare industry.

Joel Farmer, Director of Support & Training at Mi-Co, who has been working with the Wilson County Home Health Implementation since 2004 stated, “The opportunity to work closely with both the nursing staffs as well as our customers’ technical personnel has allowed Mi-Co to focus our technology on the specific issues surrounding capturing and using data in the home health arena. With the Mi-Forms Home Health Solution, Mi-Co has integrated that experience directly into the software.”

For a more detailed list of Mi-Forms Version 6 and Mi-Forms Home Health Solution capabilities please go to www.mi-corporation.com


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