Résumé de la visite du CES2007 chez GottabeMobile

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Gottabemmobile a posté un résumé de leur visite au CES 2007 ou ils auront fait le point des nouveautés hardware Tablet PC en vidéo.

  • Switchback Ultra-Mobile PC: Dennis Rice talks to the good folks at Black Diamond about their ruggedized Ultra-Mobile PC.
  • S-XGen Pocket PC: Rob Bushway and Matt Faulkner check out Seamless Internet’s Ultra-mobile entry.
  • The Flybook V5i Tablet PC Inkshow: Rob Bushway checks out Flybook’s newest Tablet PC.
  • An Interview with Motion Computing’s Scott Eckert: Rob talks to Motion’s honcho about new trends and when we might be seeing a new Tablet PC entry from Motion.
  • The Toshiba R400: A two part Inkshow taking a look at Toshiba’s Vista Ready Tablet PC that will soon feature that Wireless Port Replicator that was one of the highlights of the CES. The second part features a walk thru with Product Manager Kevin Roberts.
  • The HP TX1000 Tablet PC: Hewlett-Packard’s newest Tablet PC also got the once over from the GBM Gang in this Inkshow.
  • TabletKiosk’s New Saraha i440 Slate and the TuffTab V7112XT: TabletKiosk is about to roll out several new exciting pieces of hardware and a slew of accessories. We check them out in this Inkshow.
  • An Interview with OQO’s Bob Rosin on the OQO Model 020: The small Ultra-Mobile PC that had everybody talking. Rob interviews OQO’s Bob Rosin and takes a look at OQO’s latest.


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