Linda Epstein de TabletPC2 teste le HP tx1000

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When Linda Epstein makes a statment (emphasis mine) like this:

The HP tx100z is the first Tablet PC HP has designed for the consumer rather than the road warrior. With an AMD Turion 64 bit Dual-core processor, 2 gigs of memory and running Windows Vista™ Home Premium the HP ttx100 is the fastest Tablet Computer  I have ever had the pleasure of using..  

I listen. Linda knows her Tablet PCs as a quick look at her site Tablet PC2 will tell you. In her First Look: The HP tx1000 Entertainment Tablet PC, she says not only is it fast, but confirms what I have thought since first seeing it at CES. That is a potentially great Tablet PC for the consumer and not targeted towards the business market. In addition to raving about the speed Linda also says this looks to be winning entertainment computer. So head over to Tablet PC2 and check out her early findings and stay tuned for her review

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