ActiveInk Software v6 disponible

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ActiveInk Software vient d’indiquer que la version 6.0 de so produit phare de conception de formulaires sur Tablet PC était disponible sous plusieurs versions dont une version activeX qui pourrait se révéler interessante dans certains projets.

V.6 Product Features:

· Windows Vista Support – Improved handwriting recognition through the use of Vista’s self-learning feature.

· Data Sharing – Data can be shared with other form-based applications (web, contact manager, CRM).

· Form Linkage – Forms can be linked together so that data from one form populates another.

· Outlook Integration – Automatic updates to Microsoft’s Outlook Contact Manager.

· Enhanced Database Support – Support for saving and retrieving data from Microsoft’s SQL Server database.

· Data Merge – Data contained in a list can be merged with existing text content.

· GPS Support – GPS satellite coordinates can be retrieved and entered on a form.

· Document Management – Forms can be stored in file folders for easy access and viewing.

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