MusicReader: un lecteur de partitions de musique pour Tablet PC

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The test with MusicReader of last week was a big success. During this test two ensembles, with professional and amateur musicians, have used MusicReader for three rehearsals and a demonstration. The experiences of these musicians with MusicReader have given a large amount of valuable information for the further development of MusicReader. In general musicians can work very well with MusicReader, but there is still a large space for improvements. These improvements lay in the software as well as the used hardware. With the results of the test MusicReader can be developed into a full functional product.


The test took place in the cultural centre (“Kulturhus”) of Borne (The Netherlands) en the sheet music used was all from music publisher Muzika.

For reading the music Tablet PC from Lenovo and touchscreens from A1 Touch were used. The pages were turned using special foot paddles from Pedalpax Corporation with which pages can be turned both forward and backward.


According to Marco Leoné, the initiator of the test, the results indicate that MusicReader is the future of sheet Music, but that the concept needs further research and development. He expects that the results are more then enough to complete his Master assignment at the University of Twente (The Netherlands) and graduate in the field of Telematics.

At the moment Marco investigates the possibilities for further research and development.


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