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Jeff cardon met à disposition de la communauté des utilisateurs de Microsoft oneNote 2007, un powertoys très sympathique permettant de mieux gérer des lots d’impressions de Notes OneNote à partir du logiciel.

Il se présenta alors comme le rajout d’une icone donnant accès à des options d’impressions complémentaires



Changes made to any of the settings in the dialog are displayed in the preview pane. The preview pane will display up to 3 images per column. An elipses (…) is used to indicate that additional images may appear beneath the current set of images.

Printout size:

The Printout size slider control can be used to adjust the size of the printouts. The size range can be between 1% and 200%. 100% is the default size.

Printouts per page:

Use the Printouts per page option to specify that you want OneNote Printout Manager to separate a given number of printouts onto separate pages. The printouts per page can range from 1 to 99. When this control is checked, OneNote Printout Manager will create a new subpage after it reaches the image representing the value specified and continue execution. Each subpage will have the title of the original page with a sequential number appended to it. If the original page is untitled, OneNote Printout Manager will attempt to obtain the text inside the first printout on the page and use for the title. See Additional information below.

Set printouts as background:

Use the Set printouts to background option to set the printouts to be background images instead of floating images. When a printout is set to be a background image the printout is anchored to the page and notes can be added on top of the image without it moving or becoming selected.

Columns per page:

Use the Columns per page setting to determine the number of columns per page to organize your printouts in. The printouts are laid out in order from left to right. e.g. printout image #1 will appear in column 1, printout image #2 will appear in column 2, etc. Once the number of columns is reached, OneNote Printout Manager will repeat the process in the next row. e.g. printout image #3 will appear in column 1, printout image #4 will appear in column 2, etc.

Spacing between printouts:

Use the Spacing between printouts setting to specify the amount of space you want OneNote Printout Manager to put between each printout. The amount of space indicated will be used for both horizontal and vertical spacing. The value is expressed in points, where there are 72 points per inch.


Use the Margins settings to specify the top and left margins. These values are expressed in points, where there are 72 points per inch.

Save current settings as default:

Use Save current settings as default to remember any changes you make for the next time you run OneNote Printout manager

Additional information.

Undo is not fully supported with this utility. You’ll find that making simple sizing, margin, spacing, columns or background changes to the printouts on a single page can be undone. However, organizing printouts onto separate pages cannot be fully undone. Therefore, a mechanism to restore your page to the last state before running the utility is provided using the Restore utility. This utility (restore.exe) is located in the install folder where you initially installed OneNote Printout Manager. You can simply run Restore.exe to restore the original page back to the section you are currently viewing.

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