University of Miami Heart Clinic Uses Tablet PCs to Go Paperless

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University of Miami Heart Clinic Uses Tablet PCs to Go Paperless

The University of Miami’s heart clinic has chosen Active Ink’s tablet PC solution to go paperless.  They’ve automated their entire patient check-in process from the time the patient arrives and walks up to the front-desk to when the doctor greets the patient.  The process works as follows:

1. The front desk clerk creates an electronic chart with the patient’s name and medical record number.  The electronic chart is a digital representation of the paper form.

2. The clerk hands the tablet PC to the patient for them to fill it out. The form consists mainly of checkboxes on the status of the patient’s health.

3. When the form is completed, the patient hands the tablet PC back to the clerk who then saves the form to a network folder where it is accessible by other medical staff.

4. The doctor then accesses the patient’s chart on her own tablet PC and reviews it with the patient and makes further annotations as she sees fit.

5. The data collected on the form is then saved to a database and a report is generated summarizing the patient’s health history.

Below is the health questionnaire chart that the patient fills out on the tablet PC. 

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