PDFAnnotator passe la seconde (beta)

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PDFAnnotator vient de s’ouvrir au bétatest de sa seconde version qui sera une release majeure.

Disponible par ailleurs en téléchargement, il y a une foule d’améliorations à la fois ergonomiques et pour l’utilsiation quotidienne de cet indispensable, notamment une complète révision dela navigation entre les pages (mode miniatures), le rajout de "stamps", …

This is a pre-release version of PDF Annotator 2.

Installing Side-by-Side with PDF Annotator 1:
This version can be installed side-by-side with PDF Annotator 1 by selecting a different installation folder.
PDF Annotator 2 will import settings from your existing PDF Annotator 1 installation, but will not override any PDF Annotator 1 settings. Your PDF Annotator 1 should keep working as before after installing this version.
Your existing desktop shortcut and start menu program group will point to this version after installation. Rename them to "PDF Annotator 1" before continuing this installation, if you want to keep them. Also, only one of both versions can be made default viewer for PDF documents and associated on the context menu.

Licensing / Upgrade Pricing
This beta version will work with any PDF Annotator 1 unlock key. You’ll need to re-enter your version 1 key in PDF Annotator 2. Just contact support if you cannot find your key right now.
The final PDF Annotator 2 release will not work anymore with a PDF Annotator 1 key.
Upgrade pricing and new regular prices will be announced with the availability of the final version.
All licenses purchased after December 31, 2007 will receive a free upgrade to PDF Annotator 2 once the final release is available.
This includes all purchases before final release of PDF Annotator 2 (at current PDF Annotator 1 prices)!

This pre-release version will stop working after May 31, 2008!

  •  New! Page Manager
    Page thumbnails
    Move, clone, rotate pages
    Multi-select support
    Insert document
    Always visible in new sizeable sidebar
  • New! Toolbox
    Predefined tools (pens, markers, text boxes, stamps)
    Fully customizable: Add, move, delete tools
    Favorites (mirrors favorite tools in main toolbar)
  • New! Stamps
    Stamp tool to stamp multiple times
    Save any selection to a stamp (like previous Macros)
  • New! Bookmark Manager
    Create, delete and rename bookmarks
    Always visible in new sidebar
  • New! Auto-Smooth
    Flatten vertical and horizontal free hand lines
    Snap to 90°
    Separate setting for pen and marker
  • Enhanced! Full Screen Mode
    Customizable fly-in toolbars
    All view styles accessible
    More in detail improvements
  • Enhanced! Text Search
    Highlight current/all search results
    Floating search bar with automatic incremental search
  • New! Continuous View
    Seamlessly scroll through the whole document
    One or two page alignment
    New view styles
  • New! Pan Mode
    Pan (hand) tool
  • New! Page Navigation
    Deviant Page Numbers
    History (Back, Forward)
  • Enhanced! Menu/Toolbars
    Fresh new look and feel
    Improved command structure
    Lock all toolbars
  • Enhanced! Text Box Styles
    Custom background colors
    Custom border styles
    New crystal clear, fast rendering engine!

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