Nouvelle beta de PDFAnnotator 2.0

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Une nouvelle version Beta de PDFAnnotator a été publiée il y a quelques temps par GRAHL Software. Estampillée les modifications introduites sont assez nombreuses et vous sont listées ci-après.

J’espère surtout que la vitesse de démarrage de l’application a été fortement augmentée…


PDF Annotator® - Version History
Copyright © 2004-2008 by GRAHL software design

Revision: 04/14/2008


+ New Feature
- Fixed Bug
* Changed Behaviour

> Release:

+ Fresh new look and feel
* Restructured menus and toolbars
+ Sizeable and collapsable Sidebar containing
new Page Manager, Bookmark Manager and
* Status bar with page navigation and
view modes

+ Page Manager:
+ Sizeable page thumbnails with
multi-select support
+ Move page(s)
+ Clone page(s)
+ Rotate page(s)
+ Insert document (in addition to append)

+ Bookmark Manager:
+ Create bookmarks
+ Rename bookmarks
+ Delete bookmarks

+ Toolbox:
+ Predefined tools (pen, marker, text box,
+ Fully customizable (create, delete,
move tools)
+ Favorite tools (first 12 favorite tools
also available through regular toolbar,
previous Custom Pens)

+ Page Navigator
+ Deviant page numbers support (like i-iii)
+ Page history (Back/Forward)

+ Pan (hand) tool

+ Stamp tool (replaces previous Macros)

+ Continuous view (no "double" scroll bar
any more)
+ View options (Fit to page, fit to width,
one page continuous, whole page,
two pages continuous, two whole pages)
* Improved zoom logics

* Completely reworked Full Screen mode
+ Fly-in toolbars, dockable and floatable
+ Full screen toolbars fully customizable
* Full screen mode does not any more
overlay other application after ALT-TAB

+ Text Search:
+ Search toolbar
+ Automatic incremental search
+ Highlight and jump to next search result
+ Highlight all search results

+ New, fast renderer with better

+ Auto-smooth setting, separately for
pen and marker (flattens free hand lines)
+ Additional text box attributes:
Background color and border style
+ Set custom pen width in inch/mm

+ Lock toolbars (avoids moving toolbars
* Vista UAC friendly Add to Context Menu
* Settings stored separately from version 1
* Many minor improvements not listed in

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