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MusicReader 2.0 est disponible

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Après de nombreux mois de travaux qui ont vu la liste des demandes d’améliorations et d’impélmentations réalisées s’allonger, la version 2.0 de Musicreader est désormais disponible. Bénéficiant de nouvelles performances au lancement et à l’usage, le lecteur de partition musicales s’annonce comme un outil indispensable pour les internautes désirant utiliser leur Tablet PC comme gestionnaire de partitons

En conjonction avec cette nouvelle mouture, on peut noter le lancemetn du service qui permet de rechercher des partitions musicales

Si un internaute disposant d’un Tablet PC et des connaissance nécessaires est interessé pour réaliser un test de la version complète, il peut me contacter ici

MusicReader takes digital sheet music to a new level.
Borne, The Netherlands – August 21, 2008 – Today Leoné MusicReader B.V.    launched
version 2.0 of his flagship product MusicReader Solo. This new version, containing a lot
of  improvements and new  features,  takes digital  sheet music  to a new  level. Most of
the improvements are based on comments from the MusicReader user community.  In
fact 75% of all user comments have been  implemented  in  this release and others are
planned  for  future  releases.  In order  to  thank  all  its users  for  their  support  the new
version is completely free for existing customers.
One  of  the  improvements  is  the  enhanced  support  of  the  digitizer  pen  used  on  Tablet  PCs  and  pen  tablets.
Musicians  can  now  use  the  back  of  this  special  pen  to  erase  their  annotations  resulting  in  a  more  natural
interaction. Drawing on  the sheet music  is now pressure sensitive, making  the annotations more  fluent. There  is
now also  (a better)  support  for  the Tablet  Input Panel  (TIP), onscreen keyboard  / drawing panel of Windows XP
Tablet and Windows Vista.
The  new  release  also  contains major  improvements  on  both  speed  and  performance.  The  program  and  library
startup  time  are  approximately  50%  faster  and  the menu  loading  about  75%.  The  application  also  has  better
memory management and solves all known stability problems.
The user  interface of  the new version has also been  improved. The most noticeable changes are  the new menu
icons  with  more  modern  designs.  Also  the  menu  structure  has  been  improved  to  be  able  to  house  more
functionality, like the new menus for the tuner, metronome and music player.  
The completely new functionalities of this version include printer support and a sound
recorder; musicians  can  print  the music with  annotations  and  can  record  their  own
performance. As an alternative to the eraser  it  is now also possible to undo and redo
changes  in  the  annotations,  something  experienced  PC  users  are  used  to  in  other
applications.  This  list  is  only  a  selection;  for  more  information  about  all  the
improvements see .
SheetMusicSearch, a search engine for sheet music, was also launched today. This
search engine contains sheet music  from several websites and shops.  It can  find
digital and printed music, both usable with MusicReader and as printed music. For
more information about SheetMusicSearch see .

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