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A handwritten farewell to Loren Heiny

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A handwritten farewell to Loren Heiny

Very sad news for the Tablet PC community arrived today. A man I was proud to recognize as a fellow enthusiast and insightful thinker, Loren Heiny, passed away after years of battling cancer. I typed out my thoughts earlier to share with the GottaBeMobile community, but the only proper way for me to honor Loren is in ink.

As a software developer, he strived to improve the Tablet PC experience, such as with his InkGestures software, and pushed it across platforms, as seen with his inking in Firefox experiments. He never gave up on the platform, and looking back at some of the things I wrote about him, it’s amazing how insightful he was about the industry and where it was going. It is a terrible shame he won’t be with us to enjoy the next generation of tablets to follow, which we surely saw coming.

[We never met in person, something I regret, but I felt a real kinship with Loren. Our perspectives on the tablet scene were very parallel. We never collaborated on anything, but time and again, we came to the same conclusions even when coming from different directions. On the odd occasion when I disagreed with him, his logic still proved solid and usually superior. How insightful was he? He claimed the iPhone platform was moving us toward a new generation of tablets and that a big iPod touch would prove a huge success — that was two years ago. It is unfortunate he was only able to see these first steps come to fruition and won’t be here for the true next-gen Tablet PCs he dreamed would follow. Loren was truly a thinker and visionary. He and his beautiful thoughts will be missed.]
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