RAmos on a roll with new W11 MID closely following the W9

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Less than a week after giving us a closer look at the W9 MID, RAmos is at it again with its new iPad-esque W11 MID. The upcoming device is vaguely similar to its stable mate, likely to also use the 1GHz Rockchip RK2818 CPU and run at least Android 2.1, but in a departure and following its obvious source of inspiration, the W11’s 7-inch multi-touch capacitive touch screen is in the less common 4:3 aspect ratio. Most tablets are intended for landscape use with 16:9 screens; the iPad is the most well-known exception, followed by various e-readers and more recently the SmartQ T7. Images after the break showing the faceplate/touch screen module of the W11 compared to the 9.7-inch iPad were initially mistaken as proof…

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