Upgraded Archos 7 Home Tablet with RK2818 CPU and Android 2.1 shows up in China

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It’s safe to say that back when the Archos 7 Home Tablet first appeared in March, it wasn’t the powerful next generation Android tablet we were hoping for. Nevertheless, the Archos 7 HT is still a competitive value-oriented device with impressive media functions and adequate online capabilities, with its out-of-date operating system and lack of overall performance being the main drawbacks. In an interesting twist, however, what appears to be a new Archos 7 HT prototype has surfaced in China utilizing Rockchip’s 1GHz RK2818 processor and running Android 2.1. With the original using the older 600MHz RK2808 and running Android 1.5, this would be a welcome upgrade. What is uncertain is whether this prototype is an official Archos development or a hacked/customized device from Rockchip…

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