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Cat and Garden Updates

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Cat and Garden Updates

Been too long between ink blog entries on Homer and the garden plot.

Homer continues to have urinary problems. His latest test shows an infection which we’re treating with antibiotics. Sometimes he seems listless but usually remains his normal happy self. He’s even been catching animals. In an amazing feat, he caught a blue jay, walked around with it, climbed up a tree, and let it go. I don’t think he meant to let it go, but it slipped out of his grip. He then scrambled down the tree and up another one to chase the bird. Later, he caught a chipmunk under the deck. Little lethal kitty.

The garden plot is doing better by comparison. The corn and beans we planted are sprouting, as well as the potatoes from the bag we had. The transplanted tomato, pepper and squash plants are thriving. Need to get some natural insect repellent going. Some leaves are getting chewed up, but more importantly, we’re getting chewed up by gnats.
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