Ocosmos OCS1 could be first of new Oak Trail-based UMPCs

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It may be hard to believe nowadays, but there actually were some innovative small devices before the dawn of the great Android and its attempt to take over the mobile computing realm. Enter the Ocosmos OCS1 UMPC, trying to bring the Windows OS back en vogue as Intel begins to transition over to their new Oak Trail platform from the now-aging Atom Z5xx-series of the past three years. At Intel’s IDF conference earlier this week, Oak Trail was front and center and Ocosmos looks to have a design that should only help revive the flagging UMPC category. Chippy from UMPCPortal got some hands-on time with the OCS1, which features a 4.8-inch 1024×600 capacitive screen, along with a 1.5GHz single-core Oak Trail processor and GMA600 video…

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